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About Us

Company History

Thalheimer Brothers was founded in 1939 by Max, Gus, and Martin Thalheimer. The business began as a small family operation in Philadelphia, primarily handling copper bearing residues for brass foundries in the region. The brothers built their business by emphasizing product quality, value, and customer service.


By the 1960s, Gus's son, John Thalheimer, had taken over the family business. John used his academic background in metallurgy to help grow the company into several new markets, aggressively expanding into a wide range of coppers, brasses, bronzes, nickel alloys, and stainless steels. 


Today, the company has grown into one of the largest nonferrous scrap metal processing companies in the United States, serving a diverse customer base of foundries, mills, and refineries around the globe. The company now handles an extremely broad range of alloys, and in December 2013, we acquired Ansam Metals (, expanding our expertise in nonferrous metals and growing our presence in the Mid-Atlantic and southern United States. Then in July 2018, we acquired Mega Metals ( further diversifying ourselves into the aerospace industry with one of the leaders in titanium processing.  But despite all of this growth, we're still focused on the same principles that helped launch the company 75 years ago: quality, value, and service.

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