This is a partial list of the coppers that we buy and sell. For a full list, please contact one of our sales representatives at (215) 537-5200.


  • Bare bright copper (cable, chops)

  • #1 copper (cable, chops, solids)

  • Copper bus bar

  • Tin plated copper

  • #2 copper (cable, chops, solids)

  • Light copper

  • Copper turnings

Refinery Items

  • Brass and bronze skimmings

  • Brass and bronze grindings

  • Copper and brass sludge

  • Copper ash

  • Irony brass solids and turnings

  • Other copper bearing material

Mega Metals

In July 2018, Thalheimer acquired Mega Metals.

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Ansam Metals

In December 2013, Thalheimer acquired Ansam Metals. Visit Ansam's site at

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