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Recent News

Thalheimer Brothers Acquires Mega Metals

July 2018


Thalheimer Brothers acquired Mega Metals in July 2018. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Mega Metals is a global leader in the recycling of titanium turnings and solids.  Its state-of-the-art processing center offers complete titanium recycling services from scrap metal recycling to inspection and testing to assure the highest quality in its finished products. Mega Metals will continue to operate as a division within Thalheimer and maintain operations in Phoenix. You can visit Mega's website at

Thalheimer Brothers Acquires Ansam Metals

December 2013


Thalheimer Brothers acquired Ansam Metals in December 2013. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Ansam is a leading merchant and processor of non-ferrous scrap metal including all grades of cupro-nickels, monels and all other brass mill specialty items. Founded in 1968, Ansam has been led by a team with deep expertise in these metals. Following this acquisition, Ansam will continue to operate as a division within Thalheimer and maintain operations from its Baltimore location. You can visit Ansam's website at

Audax Logo.jpg
Thalheimer Brothers Acquired by Audax Group

December 2012


Audax Group, an investor in industry-leading middle market companies, partnered with Thalheimer management to recapitalize Thalheimer Brothers in December 2012. Audax will provide capital and other resources to help fuel growth and solidify Thalheimer Brothers' position as a leading nonferrous scrap metal processing company in the United States.

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