Foundry Brass and Bronze

This is a partial list of the foundry brasses and bronzes that we buy and sell. For a full list, please contact one of our sales representatives at (215) 537-5200.

Brass and Bronze (Solids and Turnings)

  • C51000 (95/5 Phos Bronze)

  • C52100 (92/8 Phos Bronze)

  • C83600 (85/5/5/5 Red Brass)

  • C84400 (81 Metal)

  • C86300 (Hi-Tensile Manganese Bronze)

  • C89833 (Lead-Free Federalloy)

  • C90300 (G Metal / Tin Bronze)

  • C90700 (Gear Metal / Tin Bronze)

  • C92200 (M Metal)

  • C93200 (Hard Brass)

  • C95400, C95500, C95800 (Aluminum Bronze)

Mega Metals

In July 2018, Thalheimer acquired Mega Metals.

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Ansam Metals

In December 2013, Thalheimer acquired Ansam Metals. Visit Ansam's site at

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