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Thalheimer is an ISO 9001:2015 certified specialty metal processing company. Our proprietary processes allow us to buy scrap material from industrial manufacturers, demolition companies, and scrap dealers and prepare customized, furnace-ready packages for foundries and mills without melting material. As a result, our customers enjoy high-quality product at a steep discount to ingot pricing.

Spectrometry equipment in our lab is used to make precise measurements of the chemistry of the materials that we handle.

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X-ray fluorescence guns are used to reliably sort metals.

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These crucibles are used to melt material in the induction furnaces in our laboratory. After melting, our technicians can use mass spectrometry equipment to produce reliable analyses of ingoing and outgoing material.

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Spectrometry equipment in our lab is used to make precise measurements of the chemistry of the materials that we handle.

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Every piece of material that comes through our plant gets hand-sorted. Members of our production team go through a rigorous, multi-year training program to reach proficiency in sorting. They use x-ray fluorescence guns, acid tests, spark tests, visual methods, and other techniques to identify the chemistry of every piece of metal that we touch.


We operate several shotblasting machines and other equipment that allow us to remove dirt, paint, grease, and other contaminants from our metals to meet customer requirements. This allows us to provide our customers with material that meets tight specifications and does not produce excess dross or impurities.


We also operate a large fleet of hydraulic shears, saws, torches, and other heavy-duty cutting equipment. This allows us to meet customer size specifications and remove any contaminants from our metals, maximizing value for our suppliers and providing on-spec product for customers.


We operate a diverse set of machinery that allows us to put metals into different forms to create customized packages for our customers. Equipment includes:

  • Crushers for turnings and slag

  • Brickers and puckers for turnings, cable, sheet metal, etc.

  • Safety certification equipment for brass shells (used to remove all live rounds)

  • Balers for cable, pipe, tube, solids, etc.

We can provide packages in drums, boxes, bales, briquettes, and various sizes of heavy-duty industrial bags

Laboratory and Quality Control

Our quality control department uses state-of-the-art technology to certify the chemistry of inbound and outbound products. We use mass spectrometry, x-ray fluorescence tests, and other methods to verify the chemical composition of our metals, ensuring that our customers are getting high quality material. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

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